Noah’s Apple, Nectarine, Coconut Water, Pineapple and Lime Smoothie x 12 pack

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At Noah’s we don’t believe in following the herd. All our creativity has gone into making these unique whole fruit juices and smoothies for you.

Our extra tip for unleashing creativity? Why not challenge yourself by trying something way outside your comfort zone? Whether it’s salsa dancing, jujitsu or cheese making , just don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself. Go on, change your perspective.

There’s nothing ordinary about Noah’s… Peel back the lid and get your creative juices flowing!

Product information

A typical bottle contains an average of:
half apple 2 crushed apples
Nectarine 1/3 pureed nectarine
Coconut water A generous splash of coconut water
Pineapple A dash of pineapple
Lime A squeeze of lime

Best of all, in Noah’s you’ll find:

100% no concentrate
0% added sugar
0% artificial